A better life with a


 Boerboel friend

We firmly believe that dogs are essential members of our family. Living alongside us, they partake in our daily lives and home. 
The companionship and affection we experience with our dogs are deeply cherished and valued, just as the connections we have with other family members.

Terracehills Ari Nero (son of the famous Saba Nero,

Best Male for Belgium and The Netherlands for 2008 and 2009)

BI TPI Score: 91.25%
Character: 95%

Teglborg Melita
(from Denmark)

BI TPI Score: 91%
Character: 95%

Approved for breeding by Boerboel International and have:  

Top Pedigrees


Health Certificates

DNA Geno Type Certificates

Genetic Screening Certificates

Excellent Genetic Diversity Scores

All puppies are already listed in the Boerboel International Database with the names of their new owners